Kyndall Cunningham is a freelance journalist and culture critic based in Baltimore. She attains a B.S. in Mass Communication with a track in Journalism and New Media and a minor in Women's and Gender Studies from Towson University.


She is currently a writer for Rewire where she contributes thought-provoking, reported stories about culture, race, civic engagement, work, relationships and money. She also contributes to The Film Experience, a film and awards show blog. 

Her other reviews and op-eds have appeared in various publications including Bitch Media, Bustle, The CherryPicks, Curiosity Magazine, The Establishment, Glamour and Screen Queens.  



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'Tiger King' is about Murder, Mayhem and Misogyny

It’s difficult to write about Netflix’s Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness without using descriptors like “wild” and “chaotic” that are already implied in its title. Maybe a more insightful observation beyond noting the Tiger King’s blatant absurdity is that the series displays equally messy storytelling....


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